Courses & Programs

  • Confidence Building
  • Email Etiquette
  • Grammar
  • IELTS Preparatory Course
  • Interviewing Etiquette
  • Personality Development
  • Phonetics Neutralization
  • Presentation Skills
  • Verbal Communication
  • Written communication
  • More

About AIIE

Our Mission

The Anglo-Indian Institute of English (AIIE) provides intensive English instruction, Test Preparation, and private tutoring to non-native speakers from beginner to those seeking mastery. The institute aims at building solid academic foundations and foster communication, as well as the skills and knowledge to achieve personal, professional, and academic success.

AIIE does this through the context of a nurturing environment which models integrity and excellence, using the simplest yet most effective training methodologies.

Our Belief

At AIIE we strive to honor God and to help develop good citizens. These cherished aspirations, and the belief of “Soaring higher than we can” guide us in all our work.

From The Director

To our prospective students, corporates, and other interested parties

I am so happy that you are looking more closely at the Anglo-Indian Institute of English! We are a private language and test preparation specialist organization in Chennai - India. Since opening in 2005, we have grown continuously. We are now a well-reputed organization in the country. However, we are still climbing. In fact, by God's grace, we are in the process of building a world-class institution, second to none. At the same time, I hope we never depart from our roots, aiming not only at excellence, but also at having a life-changing impact on our students and on everyone who comes into contact with the institution.

In particular, it is my hope that every individual directly benefits from every training program that adds value to themselves, the organization, and the society.

If you decide to come to AIIE, we hope when you leave you will recognize that you have tasted the best possible instruction, the best resources, the best counseling, and the best environment. More than this, however, we hope you will have been nurtured and challenged to make the most of your life, to choose the highest and best path, and to actualize your dreams and concurrent responsibilities. Our concern, if you will allow us, is not just with your education, but with your whole life.

Our eyes are on the summit. If you wish to soar higher than you thought you can… if you are looking to be inspired… even changed, then I sincerely invite you…Come join us!

Kind regards,
Damian Michael Martin